Distinguished Press Members,

We are here as Civil Society Organizations representing Turkey's Civil Society and Chambers and Stock Exchange.

As a democracy-loving institutions sitting at this table, we make this common statement at the same time.

We are entering the anniversary of July 15th, one of the most difficult days of our history.

We will keep the July 15 spirit alive in our country for two weeks, with different events and posters we have prepared.

We will not forget July 15th, we will not forget.

We believe that July 15 is a milestone for Turkey.

Because this was a low, invasion attempt beyond the coup.

July 15 was the biggest threat our country has faced since the War of Independence.

That night the Fetullah terrorist organization attempted to seize the "state" and take the nation under domination.

The main aim of the coup attempt; to drag our country into an unprecedented chaos in our history, to launch a brotherly fight, to put Turkey in a civil war environment.

The ultimate goal of the coup attempt; To reduce the situation of the Republic of Turkey to a standstill.

Thank you God Almighty, courage and ferayeti with this disaster, this matchney stopped.

He stood up against this attack, which meant freedom and democracy to our nation's democracy and defended his values ​​at the expense of his soul.

All of the organizations at this table, along with the government and our nationality, were in the first place.

We have written an epic with the President, our President, the Gazi Parliament, the Prime Minister, our political parties, our nationality, our non-governmental organizations and our media.

We are bowing with respect in front of our nationality, who has defied the treasonously planned coup attempt.

On July 15th, Turkey gave the most difficult democracy test with great success.

We showed everybody that our democracy was strong enough to surrender to no crude force.

He has stood up against the national coup and proclaimed it clearly. "No power outside the will of the nation of the Republic of Turkey can govern."

This is an example to the world.

Of course we paid a big price for it.

In this struggle against the coup attempt, 250 of our citizens were martyred.

2301 citizens became veterans.

We wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs. We recognize our veterans with gratitude.

Our nation will always remember them with gratitude and mercy.

Very few people in the world can afford this price.


Regardless of the political view, the 15 July spirit that holds the future of Turkey is the insurance of democracy.

In order to prevent such treacherous attempts, the fight against FETO should be carried out effectively and steadily.

Judicial institutions should give the most severe punishment that couples and their supporters deserve, and should ease the conscience of our nationality.


Distinguished Press Members,

At least until July 15, after the coup attempt, was a difficult process for our country.

After the coup attempt, our society suffered a great trauma.

With the news of the lie, FETO has carried out scandalous campaigns against our country abroad.

Our economy was also adversely affected by this attack.

Thanks to God, thanks to our unity and togetherness, we have overcome all of them in a short time.

We quickly recovered with the measures and reforms your government took in consultation with us.

More than a year after the coup attempt, we caught the economy growing by 5 percent.

Employment records are broken. In the first six months of this year, 1 million 200 thousand people provided new employment.

We started to increase our exports to record levels.

We have regained the trust of foreign investors.

We are very clear that Turkey has succeeded in the world's most difficult stress test.

Surely if we were living in another country in the last year we could not get up again.

But we are standing upright.

In such a geography, we have done no one can do under the toughest conditions.

But we will not be rescued.

We have more to do, bigger goals.


Distinguished Press Members,

We completed the recovery process after 15 July.

Now we need to start a new breakthrough process.

We solved the prang in our foot, now is the time to run.

In growth, in employment, we have to break new records in exports.

We must further increase the welfare of our citizens and strengthen our democratic gains.


For all of this, we must initiate a new reform process in common wisdom and consultation.

From here we also call our friends abroad.

We want to see all our friends in the first year of this great democracy test.

We invite our friends not to listen to defamatory campaigns, but to listen to the facts and take attitude accordingly.

We expect serious support from friendly and allied states in the fight against FETÖ.

Whatever the source, coup and terror are a crime against humanity. But if we work together, we can build a better future.


We will now work with greater determination for our country and our nationality, and we will bring Turkey to its big targets.

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