Rizeli Bakan STK’larla Rize’nin Sorunlarını Konuştu

Minister of Youth and Sports The "NGO Meetings" meeting was held with the participation of non-governmental organizations in the Rize province hosted by the Rize Commodity Exchange organized by the AK Party Rize Provincial Presidency in Osman Aşkın Bak's patronage.

Meeting; Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak, AK Party Rize Deputies Hikmet Ayar and Hasan Karal, Ak Party Provincial Chairman Mohammad Avci, Mayor of Rize Mayor. Dr. Resat Kasap, Vice President of Turkey Odalar Stock Exchange Association, Halim Mete, President of Rize Commodity Exchange, Mehmet Erdogan, President of Rize Chamber of Commerce Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoglu and the heads of non-governmental organizations in Rize.

Ak Party Provincial Chairman Avci made the opening speech in the meeting, "First of all, I would like to thank all participants for participating in the meeting. We made this meeting especially at the stock exchange. Because we wanted our meeting to have tea, especially tea. We will continue with the specific periods of these meetings when we will discuss the problems of our company and the solution proposal. "

We Are Stronger Together

Minister Dr. Osman Aşkın Bak, "We are stronger together. You guys know the dynamics of this place better. We will discuss Rize's problems here and discuss which solution will be better. We will plan for the future of Rize. I believe that good results come out with your suggestions. We will repeat these meetings every three months. I believe that we will make important projects in line with our targets. "

We will develop tea industry with win-win system

Stock Market President Mehmet Erdogan said, "I wanted to make this meeting here meaning that we can talk about the important value of our city. It is a different value for us to be a young minister of science. I am confident that we will develop many projects in our city which is important for nature sports. But in our region, we want to add value to the period of 80% of our economy. We want our tea industry to walk with the win-win system where everyone is satisfied. All the attendants here are to move in unity and together in all the work to be done about our tea, "he said.

Erdogan also talked about; "As a stock exchange we have signed many important projects for the development of our science until this time. We said that tea is our important value. Especially we are waiting for your support of Sayın Bakım for the passing of the Tea Law, the prevention of illegal tea, the support of the operation of the Specialization of Tea, the passing of Tea Market and Tea Research and Development Projects. I want to share with you an important topic here. Çayımız tourism should be opened. We think that we will provide important added value to tea sector with tourism. Another important issue is that our young people do not consume tea. We need to work to increase tea consumption rates in our young people. Çaykur is currently working on this. This is caffeine-reduced tea production. To increase the value of tea in our region, we should increase our efforts to add value by supporting such activities. "

Rize's Future We will design with these meetings

Halim Mete, "Rize economy is experiencing significant developments in recent years. These; we will meet with Ovit Tunneled Central Anatolia first. In addition, logistics center, airspace, organized industrial zone, roads, five star hotels and shopping mall construction works. These are all important projects on their own. We have to evaluate each of these projects in a way that will add to the economy of Rize. We have to design the future at these meetings. It is an opportunity for us to be a Rizeli Bakanımız. We should do these meetings periodically, "he said.



Service and Tourism Sector Developing in Rize

Mayor Prof. Dr. Reşat Kasap, "Today we are here today with our valued presidents who made Rize at the meeting here. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss Rize's problems. Of course the most important value of Rize is the cake. Besides tea, there are important sectors. One of them is tourism. With tourism, developments in services and hospitality sector are prominent in our province. As municipalities, we continue to carry out studies parallel to these studies ".

We will direct Rize together, we will work together, we will run together

Hikmet Ayar, "We will manage Rize together, we will work together, we will run together. Today this program is part of it. Having a minister with a riot here is a distinct source of pride. We are grateful to Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, for giving us this pride. "

Hasan Karal, "One of the Rize deputies to enter the cabinet as Minister is an advantage for Rize. We have to make good use of this advantage in the projects for the development of Rize. The Ministry is a power in terms of increasing the services. Mr. President, Mr. President of the Assembly and Mr. Sayım Bakanımız'la Rize will be even stronger, "he said.

At the end of the meeting the Chairman of the Stock Exchange Erdoğan Minister Osman Aşkın Bak'a was presented with a gift.

Rizeli Bakan STK’larla Rize’nin Sorunlarını Konuştu