Sample Acceptance and Reporting

The samples from our laboratory for tea analysis;

Ø Delivery,

Ø Registration procedures,

Ø Distribution to laboratory units,

Ø Report preparation and customer delivery in line with the analysis results,

Ø It is the unit where transactions such as the witness sample are executed.


The acceptance of our laboratory samples is done by hand from sample to the Sample Acceptance and Reporting Unit or by cargo / mail. The acceptance, monitoring and reporting of the samples are carried out by our staff serving in this unit using special software.

Our sample acceptance criteria;

Ø Sample package is torn, damp, dirty and open mouth

Ø The amount of the sample should be analyzed and enough for the witness sample to be stored

Ø Label information is understandable

Ø It is a sterile container or packaging especially for microbiological analyzes.


The samples are passed to the sending person or organizations regarding the samples except for our sample acceptance criteria, the deficiencies are tried to be solved if possible and they are returned with the relevant documents at the request of the customer.

Our laboratory has 3 different customers. These:

Ø Rize Commodity Exchange Members

Ø Provincial / District Directorates of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Ø Rize is the person or organization that is not a member of the Commodity Exchange and wants to make a special request analysis.


Since our laboratory is a subsidiary of RTB, we provide analysis service to the members of the Exchange for free. Analysis services are provided for other customers.

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock except provincial / district Agriculture Directorates; the first time customers are asked to sign the Annual Request for Proposal and the Bid Form to receive services from our laboratory. He also declares that the accuracy of the information provided by the customer by filling in the relevant parts and signing this form has accepted the analysis methods and other conditions applied in our laboratory.

Once the Annual Request and Proposal form has been signed by our customers, Sample Request for special request analysis requests is completed and signed by the parties and analysis request processing is initiated in our laboratory.

All the samples coming from our laboratory are recorded in the system after coding the customer privacy principle. Later on, the samples are directed to the laboratory units based on the principle of confidentiality and customer safety in the direction of desired analysis without any time loss. The numbers are monitored by this code number in all units.

 Analyzes in our laboratory; is carried out within the framework of matrices determined by the analysis list. Separate methods for each food sample were identified. The methods are national or internationally accepted official methods. Generally, services are provided in this framework.

When the analyzes are completed, the results are entered through the software system of the related units, and the reporting process is performed after necessary checks are made by the Unit Adm. After the approval of Laboratory Unit Officer, Sample Acceptance and Reporting Unit Manager and Laboratory Manager, the customer is provided with e-mail / fax / mail or customer service in accordance with the request.