Tea Market Project

Overall Goal:

Our project; regional development and the strengthening of the regional economy. Our project prepared in accordance with the Guided Project qualifications is included in the "Special Qualified Model Project".

The aim of the Eastern Black Sea Region Development Plan is to support the regional economy, to strengthen private sector management, to increase the production and export capacity, to provide employment, to strengthen the tea sector and to increase the sales of local products.

To create a suitable space for national and international fairs, exhibitions, sectoral meetings and various organizations in order to increase the regional economy and promotion.


Establishment of a promotion and sales center to contribute to the "Turkish Tea’s international branding process.

Establishment of the physical plant infrastructure for the promotion of the Turkish tea brand in international arena with the tea festivals to be organized

Customer meeting and meeting rooms will be created to contribute to the tea producers' marketing activities.

A new entertainment and attraction for the people coming to the region by supporting the tea bazaar which will be established within the scope of the project which is expected to increase the number of tourists coming with the investments made in the frame of Tourism Master Plan with facilities such as a small scale tea garden, thematic park, tea museum, playground for children and tea house create a center.

To introduce the various tea brands and local products to the tourists coming to Rize Province.

To provide a visit to the Tea Museum to be formed within the scope of the project.

The tourists coming to Rize will be able to taste from different brands of tea and purchase appropriate tea for their tastes and to be informed about the characteristics of natural Turkish tea and the damage of illegal tea.

Contributing to the promotion and marketing of Rize lint weaving, copper processing and wood carving products.

Execution of the operator with the AŞ (Corporation Company) to be established, to increase the quality and availability of services; to contribute to the development of competitive aspects of the sector.

With "Tea Park Project"; of our region and of Rize; to promote the national and international promotion, to increase tourism mobility, to sell the local products and sell them locally, and to develop the economy without division.

In accordance with these purposes, our Tea Park Project;

It will ensure the development of the agricultural economy in our region and the increase in the employment opportunities associated with it.

Agricultural Industry will contribute to the improvement of the marketing capacity of its products.

They will create employment areas by contributing to the development of tourism in our region.

Non-agricultural income generating activities will be developed; local products will emerge and be branded.

The foyer area will be established for the organization of local product promotion organizations and fairs.

It will serve to ensure the recognition of Turkish tea in global markets.


With the Tea Market Project;

• Administrative units and meeting room

• Tea drinking areas and sales unit

• Tea museum

• Tea house

• Tea cinema

• Tea Island

• Social facilities

• Outdoor recreation areas, tea garden, thematic park

• Car park

Construction will be carried out.