Rize Commodity Exchange Geographic Markets Products Summit

When the Ankara Chamber of Commerce was hosted, the Geographically Marked Products Summit was launched with the contributions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority and the Ankara University.

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk ÖZLÜ, Bülent TÜFENKCİ, President of the Chamber of the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU, Rize Commodity Exchange Chairman Mehmet ERDOĞAN and many Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges, the Summit which started today at Congresium of Ankara Chamber of Commerce continued on Saturday, April 29th. will.

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Oz

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Faruk ÖZLÜ speaks at the summit; that the protection of geographical signs is perceived to consist not only of preserving cultural and local values, but that the economic dimension of the subject is of great importance. He emphasized that they emphasize this issue in terms of developing cities in economic and rational terms and accelerating regional development and pointed out that products with geographical occupation could enter the markets with higher prices.

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci

Bülent TÜFENKCİ, Minister of Customs and Trade; Pointing out that the number of products with geographical marking capacity in Turkey is more than the EU total, he continued as follows:

"Local products and geographically marked products need to be separated from each other, and local products come to the forefront with their singularities in their differences, qualities and production.We have as many kinds of products that can not be counted as bread, tarhanan, jam and cheese.Geographical sign is a product originating from a certain region, It can be an agricultural value, an anonymous value which can be derived from handicrafts, mines, precious stones or local foods.The geographical sign of a product means that the product is not only the source of the product but also the characteristics of the product said that it is a kind of registered proprietor who shows the connection between the characteristics and the geographical area and guarantees the consumed product.

Rize River to English

Zirvede emphasized that Turkey is a very rich country in terms of local products. Gursel Baran, President of Ankara Chamber of Commerce, said, "If the famous comte cheese of France is located in an Italian family's breakfast table, our Kars barbecue, Kayseri bacon, Why should an Englishman prefer Rize tea in five teas? Why do not we have a lahmacun to match the Italian pizza? Turkey's products, the taste of the whole human life, katsının value, "he said.

According to the new Industrial Property Law that entered into force, the cost of geographical sign registration was lowered and the registration period was shortened, Baran thanked the ruler. "We put our hand under the stone. Because we want to make our city a commercial center of these products. Thus, both the role of our merchants, the export value of Ankara, and the value added to our economy will increase. "

Baran, who is in the call of all the rooms and stock exchanges and the municipalities to possess the local products, said, "What did they say; movement from the womb, blessing from Mevla. Now is the time to think, do not bother, try, run. Time to stop has passed, now is the working time ".

ATO Board Member Ülkü Karakuş stated that they gave the start of the summit 3,5-4 months ago and expressed his satisfaction with the words of the participant with the words "Thank you for living this wonderful image with us".

Rize Çayın will be the Geographical Mark

Commenting on the geographical indication, Mehmet ERDOĞAN, Chairman of Rize Commodity Exchange stated that products such as Rize Stream, Rize Roaster, Anzer Balı, Laz Böreği, Muhlama, Rize Simidi are also working to get geographical signs.