The first mention of tea in Europe took place in 1559, hundreds of years ago. The year 1606 is the year when the tea met with Europe. After 1635, the Netherlands and France became the pioneers of tea consumption in Europe.

The arrival of the first teapot examples from China to Europe takes place in the 1650s.

It is Peter Stuyvesant who delivered the tea to America. The Dutch colonies that settled in New Amsterdam today, called New York, are the first American tea drinkers. The scientific name of Camelia sinensis is found in 1753. In the 1800s, in Europe and America, the tea industry gradually begins to grow.

Thomas Lipton's first shop also opened in England / Glasgow in 1871. By the year 1890, Thomas Lipton bought the first tea field in Ceylon. Tea seeds brought from India started to bloom in Kenya from 1903.

In America, Richard Blechyndan, who is having difficulty in selling tea in hot weather, is tempted to offer tea in cold weather. It is this coincidence that the concept of American teas is born. The discovery of tea bags takes place in 1908.

The tea, which has become an increasingly consumed drink by everyone away from being an expensive drink appealing to the upper classes, continues to evolve with various innovations.

Nowadays, it is possible to fill 3,660 olympic swimming pools with Lipton hot tea consumed in the world in one year. I will also underline that Turkey is among the countries that consume the most tea in the world. In Turkey, which does not know tea until 1900 and is a complete 'coffee drinker', tea is the most commonly consumed drink after water today. Rize is the most tea-producing province in Turkey